One can become a leader in the industry through employee development


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in the industry through employee development
in the industry through
One can become
(of the company via people engagement)
Founders, CEOs, HRs, HRDs, T&D managers around the world are already working with the Institute for Human Dynamics on developing their teams.
cost reduction with M&A deals
increase in eNPS
increase in employee general productivity

About us

IHD is the leading corporate training organisation supporting top executives and HR managers worldwide.
We solve companie’s issues with the help of education, foster people’s greater productivity and level up your business.
We customise the program depending on your needs
We are flexible and can work any time all around the globe
We collaborate with the best academics

What we can improve in your company

Lack of cooperation in the team (when newcomers find it difficult to integrate)
Poor team performance
Lack of employee engagement
Low level of stress tolerance
Low level of eNPS
High costs of acquisition/withdrawal of assets
Reluctance of employees to make changes
Foregone benefits
Inability to build business partnerships
Low productivity of employees working remotely

Make a step to improve soft skills in a company!

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Prepared the startup founder for negotiations with an investor
Improved communication between top and middle management in 3 months
Prepared the team for the launch of new projects
35% more profitable M&A deal
Dealing with cyber attacks and psychology of negotiations with cyber criminals

Our programs

Tailored programs for companies

We create programs specifically for a particular company. We adapt to the needs expressed by the company and its goals. Step by step we construct a learning path that is unique and will not be duplicated.

Programs for individuals

We provide programs not only for businesses but also for individuals. CEOs, founders and HR managers can seek expert advice from us when needed. We work with individuals preparing them for negotiations and business deals.


We provide consulting sessions offering expert advice from experience to help companies and individuals solve organisational issues. Our consultants may also provide direct mentoring to an executive or employee.
Three steps and you are at your goal!

IHD working process

Problem indication

Individual training program design

Implementation in your organisation


IHD collaborates with the best academics from top leading business schools

Our faculty

Founding Partner, professional negotiator
Moty Cristal
Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer
Julia Danchina
Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer
Alexandra Stanley
  • Arsen Khousnoutdinov
    Boston, MA
  • Shirli Kopelman
    University of Michigan's Ross School
  • Yael Chau
    Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Yadvinder S. Rana
    Catholic Catholic University in Milan, Italy
  • Simon Horton
    Oxford University, Imperial College, London
  • Sonja Rauschutz
    Vienna School, Austria
  • Arvid Bell
    Harvard University, USA
  • David Saunders
    Queen's University, Canada
  • Wei Wang
    Queen's University, Canada
  • José Pascal da Rocha
    Columbia Business school, USA
  • Noa Sheer
    University of Sydney, Australia
  • Noam Ebner
    Creighton University’s, USA
  • Samuel Scott
    Independent Lecturer, Finland
  • Humayun Rashid
    Queen’s School of Business, Canada

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