Multiparty Negotiation Exercise: “The Eurasia Deal”

3 days of intensive study with immersion in the Harvard Negotiation Method, which will help you learn how to make profitable deals for your company.
Offline, Armenia, Erevan


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At IHD, we're passionate about helping senior executives around the world achieve their full potential through top-notch corporate training. We believe that investing in education not only boosts individual productivity but also elevates the overall success of businesses. Let us help take your organization to the next level.

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  • 48%
    Reduced organizational costs in mergers and acquisitions
  • 32%
    Increased eNPS
  • 17%
    Increased company productivity by attracting new people
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About the program

Ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level? The Harvard Negotiation Method is the immersive educational program you've been looking for. Our expert professors and international business community will guide you through theory and practice, preparing you to navigate complex situations and seal the best deals. Are you ready to succeed in an uncertain world?

It is an immersive educational program for executives that takes negotiation skills to a new level.

The program's uniqueness lies in the synergy between theory and practice from professors surrounded by the international business community.

You will be required to negotiate in complex situations and an uncertain geopolitical context. You will need to consider stakeholders' interests, build a negotiation strategy, and finally close the best deal."

Target audience
  • 35%

    Executives and managers who learn how to make their words more persuasive in front of subordinates

  • 31%
    Entrepreneurs who will be able to achieve better results in negotiations with partners, customers and employees
  • 34%

    Teams of companies that want to immerse themselves in the learning process immediately within their team

  • Marat Atnashev
    Negotiation Professor. Member of the Negotiation Working Group, Davis Center, Harvard University

    His research interests are focused on negotiation, conflict management, and large project management.

  • Arvid Bell
    Director of Davis Center, Harvard University; Lecturer, Entrepreneur

    Arvid has taught the art of negotiation at leading universities including Harvard and Stanford and is a private consultant to business leaders and government officials.

Reasons to join
  • 1
    Uniquness of the program
    An affordable opportunity to study at the educational program of Harvard, combining it with immersion in the flavor of Yerevan.
  • 2
    International Business Community
    Our goal is to bring together ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and teams from different countries. During the training, you will interact a lot with each other and, as a result, you will gain useful contacts.
  • 3
    Theory and Practice
    During 3 days you will immerse yourself in the world of theory and practice of negotiations. That`s an amazing opportunity to sharp your negotiation skills in safe conditions.
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