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The Institute for Human Dynamics
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IHD is the leading organization supporting executives in human interaction worldwide.
Our focus is on enhancing and transforming organizational human dynamic capabilities in order to successfully manage and maneuver the business challenges to achieve successful outcomes.

IHD creates customized employee development programs for companies in different industries all over the world.

We help companies drive profitability, achieve better results, and deal effectively with crises by building strong communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and change management skills. Our team members are the best professors and speakers of business schools and universities owning their unique methodology based on real long-team experience and business practice.

About Us
Our mission is to improve negotiation, conflict resolution, communication, and change management skills for executives throughout the world.

20 years of experience

75 companies

from 16 countries



30% more effective deals

Our clients are from all over the world
Our services
We offer several training programs face-to-face, hybrid or online to help you to understand how to negotiate even the most difficult and complex deals.

We provide training for the following topics:

  • Negotiations and effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation
  • Change management
  • Negotiation with cybercriminals
  • Leadership
  • International negotiations
Consulting for top managers and teams
We assist our clients in preparing and conducting real business negotiations. Whether your company is at the stage of an M&A transaction, commercial negotiations, disputes, or conflicts - with suppliers, customers, partners, shareholders, or employees - our
consultants will help you negotiate the maximum result for you.

Outdoor programs
Unlock new places for your team.
We set up educational programs in Portugal, OAE, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, and other countries for an unforgettable experience.
We design training AND PROGRAMS according to your requests and needs.
It`s a great opportunity to get to know the business climate of the chosen country BETTER and visit headquarters of local and international companies and startup accelerators.

Our Features
  • Lifelong learning
    We are sure that education is a key to success - no matter how old you are. We have inspired more than 25,000 managers and entrepreneurs to make more successful deals with our negotiation expertise and want to do more.
  • New interective approach
    Our experiential workshops and training deliver revealing insights based on the latest research and our own unique methodology.
  • Digitalization and flexibility
    We conduct training both virtual and in-person. We use different interactive tools, immersive simulations, and VR technologies.
    Doesn`t matter which way you wish to improve your skills, we will help you!
  • Diversity

    Our speakers, professors, and co-founders are from 10 different countries, we know how to make multicultural teams work effectively!

    Now companies hiring employees from different cultures, and the clash of traditions could bring to irreparable but we know how to turn it into effective synergy and common goals.

  • Sustainability
    Entering a new position "Chief Negotiations Officer" is a new trend for companies.
    93% of CEOs and CFOs are sure that introducing this role will help to get better negotiation results.
    The main goal of the Officer is to positively influence ESG using negotiation skills.
  • Business Partner, Professional Negotiator

    30-year teaching negotiation worked with 20,000 people and top executives from the US, Europe, Asia, and Russia. Crisis negotiator.

  • Julia Dan
    Business Partner, Chief Executive Officer

    Expert in program design. 10 years of experience working with innovative companies, institutions, and business schools. MBA.
  • Alexandra Stanley
    Business Partner, Chief Executive Officer

    Experienced program manager. More than 8 years working in the education sphere.
    MBA, Erepreneurship, StartUp programs
Our faculty
  • Marat Atnashev
    Professional negotiator
    Professor of Conflict Resolution. Mr. Atnashev has over 20 years of experience leading big companies in the oil and gas industry, metal& and mining, and finance spheres. Marat was a Dean of International business school and a member of managerial boards in big companies.
  • David Saunders
    Queen's University
    David Saunders has over 20 years of experience as Dean, leading two business schools to the prestigious Financial Times ranking, and driving the schools’ globalization and strategic growth. David has created more than 100 strategic partnerships around the globe.
  • Yael Chayu
    Tel Aviv University
    Procurement expert with a special focus on business negotiations.
    Ms. Yael is an experienced faculty of negotiation processes all over the world and leads high-level negotiations with suppliers, and business partners.

  • Noa Sheer
    University of Sydney
    Prof. in negotiation theory.
    Mrs. Sheer is a professor in negotiation performance. She has over 15 years of experience consulting executives dealing with complex negotiations in Australia, New Zealand, and the US, including Uber, Westpac, QLD government, and Hubspot.
  • Shirli Kopelman
    Michigan’s Ross School of Business
    Professor Shirli Kopelman is a leading expert, and educator in the field of negotiations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Dr. Kopelman is the Past President of the International Association for Conflict Management.
  • José Pascal da Rocha
    Columbia Business school
    Professional Mediator. Pascal has over 20 years of experience in volatile environments and international mediation. He has contributed either directly or in a supporting capacity to 15 peace agreements, supporting missions of the UN, the EU, the OSCE, ECOWAS, the AU, and many international and national NGOs.

  • Arvid Bell
    Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
    Expert in conflict management, diplomacy, and security. Arvid is a lecturer at Harvard University and specializes in complex conflict analysis, negotiation strategy, and international security. Bell has launched a new generation of immersive case exercises used internationally to train decision-makers in academia, government, and the private sector.

  • Sonja Rauschutz
    Vienna School
    Professional Negotiator. Managing Partner of Vienna school of negotiation. For three decades she`s been providing professional negotiation services to clients from international corporations, government institutions, and the non-profit sector.

  • Humayun Rashid
    Professional negotiator. Senior advisor in the field of consumer banking strategy, leadership development, and organizational transformation in international markets.
  • Yadvinder S. Rana
    Catholic University in Milan
    Expert Cross-Cultural Negotiation, influence and M&A deals
    Mr. Rana gained a significant international experience in Africa, Asia & Pacific Sales, Middle East working for a global company. He provides practical guidelines for negotiating Cross-Border M&A deals.

  • Wei Wang
    Queen's University
    Professional Negotiator, M&A deals.
    Professor of finance at Smith School of Business of Queen's University (Canada) and the founding director of Queen’s Master of Finance–Beijing program.

  • Samuel Dahan
    Queen’s University
    Samuel Dahan is a law professor at Queen’s University and is cross-appointed to Cornell Law School and the Smith School of Business. A qualified lawyer and mediator, Dahan's areas of interest include dispute resolution; AI and legal analytics; employment law; consumer protections; and EU law. Dahan is a member of the Dispute Resolution board of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
  • Osnat Lautman
    Organizational Consultant
    Osnat Lautman is a well-known intercultural expert and the author of the Amazon bestselling book ‘Israeli Business Culture. Osnat is passionate about cultures, connecting humans, and breaking cultural barriers. She created the ISRAELI™ model of Israeli business characteristics (Informal, Straightforward, Risk-Taking, Ambitious, Entrepreneurial, Loud, Improvisational) to reveal the foundations of the innovative Israeli culture. Osnat supports many organizations and individuals to effectively connect and engage with Israelis, avoid misunderstanding and maximize the value of combining the creative Israeli spirit into a multi-culture environment.
  • Simon Horton
    Privat consultant
    Simon Horton has been teaching for nearly 15 years. He has taught hostage negotiators, some of the largest law firms and banks in the world, and many other household name organisations. He has taught all the way through from graduate level up to boardroom. He is also a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College, London, and is the author of The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation, published by The Financial Times. Before teaching negotiations, he spent 12 successful years as a consultant in the financial services sector.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.